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6 Reasons Why Elderly Citizens Need Companionship Care


No amount of hair dye or skin care products will reverse the fact that our parents or grandparents are getting older. Considering that both their mind and body are becoming slower and weaker, the people surrounding them must participate and contribute to the betterment of their day to day living.

It is ideal for able-bodied family members and friends to stay at home with senior citizens. However, due to equally important circumstances like work and other commitments, the same becomes impractical. The best alternative possible? Companionship care. To elaborate on this matter, Edmacy Home Care prepared a short yet comprehensive list:

  1. Healthy meals.

    Eating nutritious meals is an important item in senior citizens’ checklist to living the better life. They cannot be allowed to chow on junk foods too often. With the aid of home care companions, properly prepared meals can be served. Also, the caregivers can be asked to strictly follow a certain diet plan and food preference.

  2. Light housekeeping.

    Grannies should no longer break backs trying to sweep the floor or clean the dishes. With their frail bodies, performing house chores may heighten the risk of slips, falls, and similar accidents.

  3. Pet care.

    Depending on the situation, pets can be quite a handful too. Their natural playfulness can get grannies into dangerous scenarios. This is where home companions come in. They may be asked to attend the critters’ needs too! They can do minor tasks like feeding them or cleaning their litters.

  4. Transportation.

    Depending on the home care plan, a companion can drive senior citizens. If not, they can chaperone the elders from one place to another. They can assist them and secure their safety through the entire travel. Also, they will be the ones to bring the clients’ carriages and other effects.

  5. Psychological and mental health.

    The silence of an empty home can sometimes be deafening. For many elders, the silence is an often occurrence. They no longer have work or any other activity to perform. With no one to talk to and interact with, it is very easy to develop anxiety, depression, and other related psychological and mental problems.

Fortunately, companionship care can help alleviate the situation. Caregivers are trained to be empathetic and responsive. Part of their job is to make sure that the baby boomers are showered with sufficient attention. A lively exchange of thoughts can ease loneliness and fear.

Choosing a home care provider is a life-changing decision! Should you need help from a Home Health Agency in Darby, Pennsylvania, choose Edmacy Home Care. Over the years, we have honed our skills and programs to fully serve your needs and interests. Expect high-quality services driven by compassion and dedication.

Should you have comments or suggestions on how we deliver Homecare Services in Pennsylvania, feel free to air out your thoughts in the comment box below. You may also click “Contact Us” for your other concerns.

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