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Living Alone Doesn’t Have to Be Lonely: Thanks to Companionship!


How many times a week do you get the chance to visit your senior loved ones?

As much as you would like to drop by for a conversation, there are times when your current work schedule and bulk of personal appointments just won’t allow you.

This leads you to worry about your elderly loved ones, doesn’t it? They live alone in their house after all. It can’t be avoided that your elderly parents or grandparents may feel lonely at some point.

If that’s the case, companionship services can help your loved ones in more than one way:

  • Companionship prevents feelings of isolation.
    A lot of older adults stay indoors because their health condition imposes a limit to their mobility.
    While staying indoors may not necessarily be a bad thing, sometimes it can make seniors feel isolated.
    Companionship care aims to change that by providing seniors with a sense of belonging through conversations and other shared activities.
  • Companionship encourages self-expression. 
    There are many ways one can express themselves. Your senior loved one can turn to art, journal writing, and other fun hobbies.
    Still, nothing works best compared to just being able to share your thoughts and emotions with another person who can understand your point of view. Having a conversation is a lot more interactive, and it works great when you want to release some pent up feelings, don’t you agree?
  • Companionship inspires a positive perspective. 
    Have you ever had one good conversation with a friend that just made your day? It’s the same thing with companionship.
    An experienced carer will constantly work to cheer up your senior loved one and offer assistance with daily tasks. With this, your senior loved one will be more inclined to accomplish his/her personal goals.
  • Companionship keeps social skills refined. 
    Remaining social is an important part of maintaining good health. But when seniors are cooped up alone at home, they have lesser chances of engaging in a conversation.
    Companionship aims to remedy that by bringing a great conversation to your senior loved one. Who knows? Your senior loved one might suddenly just become the life of the party during your next family gathering!
  • Companionship enhances cognitive ability. 
    Even something very simple like a conversation can help keep your senior loved one’s mind stimulated.
    And with constant mental stimulation brought upon by companionship, your loved one can sharpen their mind while lowering their risk of cognitive decline at the same time.

A Companionship Aide from Edmacy Home Health Care can keep your senior loved one company in your stead.

Aside from companionship, Edmacy Home Health Care a Home Health Agency in Darby, Pennsylvania can also render your elderly loved one with geriatric care, personal care, and other services.
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