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Author Archives: Louise Savoie

How to Prevent Skin Infection in the Elderly

As we age, our skin becomes thinner, dryer, and more susceptible to infections. Skin and soft tissue can affect anyone at any age, but seniors are at a higher risk. It is because senior’s skin tends to be rough, dry, thin, and weaker to infections due to existing health conditions. So what can you or … Continue reading

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Essential Alzheimer’s Caregiver Tips

Are you a family caregiver and is currently taking care of your elderly parents with Alzheimer’s? How is it so far? Can you still keep things under your control or are you having a hard time meeting your loved one’s care needs and everything is starting to overwhelm you? Caring for a senior loved one … Continue reading

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How Healthy is Gardening to Seniors

Maintaining a garden can be very helpful, especially when everything seems to go wrong and out of control. Having a garden can bring some sense of control when life seems to be daunting. With that small space in your home, it can help you to de-stress and regain your focus. It may be weird to … Continue reading

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What Is GERD and How Do You Prevent It?

Do you often experience heartburn or a burning sensation in your chest after eating or at night? You are not alone. We have several clients in our Home Health Agency in Darby, Pennsylvania who also experience this. Heartburn along with difficulty in swallowing, regurgitating food or sour liquid, and feeling like you have a lump … Continue reading

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Attaining a Well-Aged Mind for Good Cognitive Health

Aging makes a person undergo a lot of physical and mental changes. As we age, our brain and body start to slow down. Our home health agency in Darby, Pennsylvania promotes healthy brain habits for seniors aging at home. While many things influence cognitive health, it is still important to follow healthy tips that help … Continue reading

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Ways to Improve your Senior’s Immune System

Everyone fights the same infection today. Caregivers in Darby, Pennsylvania continue to provide the care you need at home while making sure every safe procedure is in place. Your Homecare Service in Darby, Pennsylvania understands the balance between implementing care and making sure you and your family are safe. Edmacy Home Health Care follows recommended … Continue reading

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