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Tag Archives: Senior Care

Assisting Your Loved Ones with Dementia to Bath

Many elderly with dementia or other cognitive impairments have difficulty taking a bath regularly. As part of their geriatric care, it’s necessary to keep your older adult’s body clean to avoid skin infections, urinary tract infections, and unpleasant body odor. One of the most challenging aspects of being a family caregiver giving Alzheimer’s care is … Continue reading

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Senior Care: How to Manage Multiple Medications

Being a senior may require you to take more than one medicine. Those who don’t have a home health aide to help them may find it hard to remember what medications to take at what time and at what dose. As one of the leading providers of personal care in Pennsylvania, we have helped many … Continue reading

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The Most Common Causes of Abdominal Pain for Seniors

Abdominal pain can be very uncomfortable if not treated immediately. It can be even more challenging to deal with if it happens to an elderly loved one. How do you know if the cause is poor nutrition versus something more serious? To help you determine the cause of your loved ones’ abdominal pain, allow our … Continue reading

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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Seniors who choose to age at home have daily care needs depending on their situation. There are seniors who require more than just the usual care services and have other specific service needs such as transportation services. Many factors affect seniors’ ability to drive for themselves, so Edmacy Home Care, a trusted provider of homecare … Continue reading

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Depression Among the Elderly: How to Help Them

A significant proportion of older adults in their 60s and 70s experience major depressive symptoms, despite most of them being able to cope with the challenges of aging. As a result of this mental health issue, older people are at an increased risk of developing dementia, have a lower capacity for day-to-day activities, and are … Continue reading

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Nutritional Tips for Seniors

Healthy aging is fundamental for seniors to help them maintain their mental sharpness, energy levels, and immune system. Of course, healthy aging starts with healthy eating. Proper eating habits will help in improving the ways seniors think and feel and contribute to achieving a good quality of life. Below are some senior diet and nutrition … Continue reading

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