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The Importance of “Rapport” in Caregiving: 5 Critical Points to Ponder


Rapport, despite being a widely used English word, has a French origin. It was originally derived from the word “rapporter” that means “bring back”. But now, the modern meaning of rapport is about the intimate and intact interrelation of individuals within partnerships or group. This concept is highly valued because it often considered as a key factor to achieve cooperation and success.

In the medical field, especially in rehabilitation, rapport plays an important role. It is a simple yet a crucial ingredient that every caregiver or therapist must achieve so that the patients’ recovery process will be smooth and successful. But why is this so? Allow a Home Health Agency in Darby, Pennsylvania like Edmacy Home Health Care explain the reasons in the following enumeration:

  1. It breaks the awkward atmosphere.

    It is not uncommon if patients feel awkward towards caregivers, especially during the first few meetings. The caregiver is a total stranger and not all patients can easily meet and interact with them. Better rapport among both parties will loosen up any social tensions.

  2. Rapport helps patients to open up.

    To some degree, patients must open up to their caregivers. If not, the care providers will not be able to fully understand their clients. They may not know their preferences and way of thinking.

  3. Rapport lessens the patients’ hostility towards care providers.

    Being aggressive against caregivers is a common reaction among patients, more specifically those that are in their advanced ages and with mental health complications. Right off the bat, caregivers must learn how to deal with their clients. They must find a connection and hone the same to establish deeper and meaningful relationships.

  4. Caregivers will be able to detect underlying issues.

    As the caregiver-patient relationship grows deeper and more interconnected, the caregiver will become more familiar with the patients’ overall well-being. In developing a better rapport with each other, home care providers may begin to notice subtler issues that are secretly affecting the patients. From detection, appropriate solutions may be conducted.

  5. Deeper connections make home care more effective.

    Home care is not just about caring for frail patients. It is a complexed and multi-disciplinary service of rendering assistance and relief. Depending on the caregivers’ efforts and dedication, the patients being taken care of could experience positive changes.

Rapport unites both patients and caregivers. Due to the existing familiarity, both parties tend to become more comfortable. Both parties become much more cooperative too.

Impressive Companionship Aides are difficult to locate but efficient ones that are able to click with your personality and preferences are much more of a harder find! At Edmacy Home Health Care, we make sure that our professionals are in their top shape and ready to meet (if not exceed) our clients’ needs. If you choose us, expect that we will do our best to deliver home care quality at its finest!

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