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Prevent Infections at Home by Cleaning These Items

Prevent Infections at Home by Cleaning These Items

Infection is something we have to educate ourselves about. Once we have vulnerable family members at home, such as children and the elderly, we should take a proactive role in preventing infections at home. Experienced caregivers in Darby, Pennsylvania can help you maintain your home’s cleanliness too. This way, you reduce infectious elements.

Do you know that many household items can be a carrier of germs, bacteria, and viruses, all of which are causes of infection?

These items include the following:

  • Vacuums
    We use vacuums to clean our carpet floors and reduce airborne allergens. Yet, these cannot fully contain dust mites and other microscopic elements. It is important that your vacuum is equipped with the HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter. When your vacuum a has HEPA filter, you can secure your family from approximately 99% of very fine particles. These are the same particles that trigger allergies and infections.
  • Sponges
    As a provider of Homecare Service in Pennsylvania, we know how sponges can be very efficient in cleaning up the sinks especially at the kitchen. Yet, these same sponges are also good at accumulating bacteria. When they are wet after use, bacteria can quickly produce. So, when you mindlessly use it again, you are risking the spread of the unseen bacteria all over the place. Ensure that these sponges are disinfected right after every use. Soak sponges in bleached or hot water.
  • Pillows
    Ensure that your pillows are washed at most every three weeks. Caregivers from a Home Health Agency in Pennsylvania can help you with that. Pillows are another item at home that can carry infectious germs. These are breeding grounds of dust mites that fed off from our skin cells. Aside from washing our pillows, it is also helpful to encase them with an anti-allergen case before putting over the pillowcase.
  • Doorknobs
    While we don’t want bacteria to enter our home, we welcome them unintentionally at our doorknobs. Many people touch doorknobs. Because we don’t see these bacteria and we don’t know where they come from, all people at home are at a greater risk of being infected by anything. Ensure that your doorknobs are always disinfected. A caregiver from a Home Health Agency can help you manage this.
  • Fragrance Enhancers
    We use these items to improve the fresh feeling and ambiance at home. Yet, we may not realize it. These contain harmful ingredients that trigger allergic reactions to our children and the elderly. If you really think that you need this kind of smell enhancers, ensure that the ingredients are organic and friendly to the environment.

Is your home safe for your vulnerable family members? Let us help you make it so. Our care providers at Edmacy Home Health Care are experienced in helping you promote safety and wellness at home, especially if you have aging family members. When you need our help, set an appointment right away.

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