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Enjoy These Brain-Stimulating Activities With Seniors

Enjoy These Brain-Stimulating Activities With Seniors

Try as we might, it is difficult to prevent memory decline when we get to our senior years. Yet, we can prevent the quick progression of it. As a provider of Homecare Service in Pennsylvania, we recommend the following activities to help stimulate your brain and improve cognitive function.

  • Exercising
    There are many known benefits for seniors when they exercise. These include increased strength, maintained balance, and reduction of chronic diseases. However, there were also tests conducted that evaluate how exercising can improve brain function. These tests suggest that exercising regularly shows signs of slow progression of age-related decline. While these kinds of tests need further evidence, it still doesn’t take away the fact that exercising is a great benefit and an enjoyable activity for seniors.
  • Doing Arts and Crafts
    You will be amazed at the creative mind that your senior loved one has when you expose them to doing arts and crafts. If they are mostly alone at home, caregivers in Darby, Pennsylvania can also keep them company so they can enjoy doing these crafts more. What’s even more interesting about this activity is that it helps improve a senior person’s mental ability. Because arts and crafts involve a lot of thinking and fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination is enhanced while their brain is stimulated to function better.
  • Chess
    What makes chess an attractive activity for seniors is that it can be played indoors, while they are seated, and with their analytical skills used. Because chess involves a lot of strategizing their moves and analyzing the opponent’s actions, much of a senior person’s life experiences and mental skills are used. Above all, chess stimulates a senior person’s cognitive abilities, making it a very important game to play. A caregiver from our Home Health Agency can also keep your loved one company so they will have someone to play chess with.
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
    For children and adults alike, jigsaw puzzles always have that element of brain stimulation. The excitement of being able to complete a big puzzle from small pieces is also a rewarding experience. Because of this game’s objectives, seniors who play this will get to think a lot, analyze, and remember puzzle pieces. As a result, their cognitive function also improves.
  • Bingo
    There is another exciting element that playing Bingo gives for seniors. There is the fun of being able to play with others, the anticipation to form a pattern first, and the stimulation of their physical senses such as hearing, seeing, and touching. All these can improve their brain function, which is helpful in the overall wellness of seniors.

Even though they are seniors, our loved ones still need and deserve to have a great time. To accompany them when doing these activities, caregivers from our Home Health Agency in Pennsylvania can be there. If you need to know more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us at Edmacy Home Health Care

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