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How to Fall-Proof Your Senior Loved One’s Bedroom

How to Fall-Proof Your Senior Loved One’s Bedroom

If your senior loved one insists to stay at home in their aging years, it’s best to support their choice. You can trust that even at home, your loved one can still have a quality life as they are kept in an environment familiar to them. Add to this, you can also have the peace of mind of their well-being since you can request for assistance from professional care providers of a reputable home health agency in Darby, Pennsylvania.

All you need to do, however, is to ensure that your home is also structured to secure your aging family member from falls. One of the places you need to check on is your loved one’s bedroom. Consider these fall-proof tips you can apply in their bedrooms:

  • Restructure their room to accommodate more space.
    When they have bigger space to walk around, they can be able to move freely and not concern about limiting their steps. This helps improve their sense of balance, as well as mobility. They can also make use of the extra space to do some walking exercise when they choose to do it indoors.
  • Rearrange the furniture to ensure that they’re securely placed.
    Tables, chairs, or wardrobes can be helpful items in their bedrooms, but when they are displaced, they can cause trips or incidents. Let some professional housekeepers providing quality homecare services in Pennsylvania to help you out in rearranging their room to secure the furniture in their rightful place.
  • Ensure that the lighting in their room is bright enough.
    Some seniors already have limited vision in their aging years, and this could affect their regular movements. However, when they can see the way they’re walking, they will be able to keep out from possible fall hazards such as clutters or slippery floor.
  • Talking about slippery floors, ensure that their flooring is also as free from slippery conditions as possible.
    Put up carpet covering over the floor or if this triggers some allergic reaction, ensure that they are always wearing rubberized shoes indoors. Aside from that, you can also double-check if the mats are the non-skid type. When your aging loved one also just came from bathing or drinking, ensure that someone is assisting them so that the floors can be easily mopped dry when spills occur.
  • Provide an accessible communication device for your senior loved one to use.
    An accessible telephone can help your loved one to immediately call for help whenever it’s needed. Just ensure that this communication equipment is very senior-friendly so that they will achieve their purpose for your loved one’s well-being.

Is your aging loved one’s bedroom fall-proof? At Edmacy Home Health Care, we recognize that every person has unique needs and when it comes to your family member’s safety, you may have other ways to fall-proof your place. We hope that these tips backed up the methods you’ve come up with to ensure your loved one’s safety at home. If you also need assistance from a companionship aide, contact us.

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