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Walkers and Rollators: What You Ought to Know

Walkers and Rollators What You Ought to Know

Mobility becomes a main issue for seniors when they’re already experiencing difficulty moving about even at home. Most of our aging loved ones will need assistance from a home health agency in Darby, Pennsylvania when they’re already facing mobility difficulties. Still, allowing them their own sense of independence can go a long way as they enjoy their aging years.

Enable your elderly parent to be mobile on their own by using mobility aids. While there are many available options for these devices, we would like to introduce walkers and rollators in this blog. These devices are ideal for senior family members who are able to walk on their own but with little assistance in moving forward.

So, here are quick facts about walkers and rollators:

  • While standard walkers only have rubbers at their bases, rollators contain four wheels at the base. Aside from that, rollators also have a storage basket and a flip-down seat for when the senior person would like to choose to sit down. However, both walkers and rollators are foldable and easy for transportation. In addition, rollators have brakes which the person should put on before standing or sitting down.
  • Walkers and rollators can also be adjusted in their height. When your aging loved one is using any of these mobility devices, ensure that the height of their mobility aid is just sufficient for them.
  • Walkers and rollators are ideal for seniors who have strong and functional arms. After all, they will be pushing or lifting these aids on their own. However, the assistance of another person providing homecare services in Pennsylvania can still be a great help in every activity.
  • Walkers and rollators have to be used with extra precaution over surfaces such as carpet or tiled floors, or when they need to go in and out of an elevator. When your loved one is using these mobility aids, they should not use the stairs and escalators as these pathways are not ideal for these aids.

Now, what do you need to remember when your loved one begins using walkers or rollators? Here are key reminders:

  • Ensure that they’re standing with both feet on the ground in the middle of the device, and holding the mobility aid’s grips firmly.
  • Assist them in maintaining good posture and not having to lean forward.
  • Move the walker only as far as when its back legs are level with your loved one’s toes.
  • Always step the stronger leg first forward followed by the weaker leg. Ensure that they’re always at the center of the mobility aid for good balance.

With quality mobility aids, your aging loved one can now make their own trips to the kitchen from their bedroom whenever they want to. Our team at Edmacy Home Health Care can also be their companionship aide whenever you won’t be personally available to attend to their needs. Just set an appointment with us about our services.

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