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Keeping Senior Citizens Safe at Home


Ensuring the safety of seniors at home involves a multifaceted approach. Caregivers in Pennsylvania must conduct a thorough home assessment to identify and address potential hazards such as the following:

  • Falls

    Seniors are at an increased risk of falls due to reduced mobility, balance issues, and muscle weakness, leading to potential injuries.

  • Medication mismanagement

    Seniors may face dangers from incorrect medication dosage or forgetting to take prescribed medications, which can have serious health implications.

  • Isolation

    Social isolation can impact seniors’ mental and emotional well-being, leading to depression and other health issues.

  • Kitchen hazards

    Cooking and handling kitchen appliances can pose risks for seniors, including burns, cuts, or accidents, especially if they have cognitive impairments.

  • Fire hazards

    Forgetfulness or impaired judgment may lead seniors to forget to turn off appliances, increasing the risk of fires at home.

We as their family and providers of personal care in Pennsylvania must do something to keep them safe all the time. Make bathrooms safer by adding grab bars, securing rugs, and improving lighting. Remove tripping hazards. Encourage using assistive devices like canes for stability and regularly inspect and secure homes with locks on doors and windows for added safety. Also, have an emergency plan with accessible contact information.

Regular health check-ups and managing medications are also crucial. Encourage light exercises to maintain physical health. Reduce fall risks and combat isolation through social activities, either in-person or virtual.

Combining these measures and reliable home care service in Darby, Pennsylvania creates a comprehensive strategy to keep seniors safe at home. And we at Edmacy Home Care can perform preventive measures in numerous ways to keep seniors away from harm.

Call us now at 484-494-6070 to start planning geriatric care for your loved ones.


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