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How Older Adults Benefit from Speech Therapy

how-older-adults-benefit-from-speech-therapyThe ability to communicate effectively is crucial at any age, especially for older adults whose speech may be affected by illness or certain conditions. In addition to the social impact of poor communication, it can also lead to emergencies when a senior is unable to communicate discomfort, pain, or other concerns. As a home health agency in Pennsylvania, we offer speech therapy to address these problems.

As a home health agency in Darby, Pennsylvania, we will discuss the benefits of speech therapy for older adults:

  • Treat Stroke-Related Disorder
    Speech therapy is often recommended for individuals who recently suffered from a stroke. With treatment, disorders like apraxia and aphasia can be addressed. Aphasia is the inability to find the right words to communicate effectively, while apraxia is the inability to move one’s lips properly to form words.
  • Improve Ability to Swallow
    Age-weakened muscles can lead to the diminished ability to swallow. To reduce the risk of choking, caregivers in Darby, Pennsylvania can assist seniors during mealtime. Paired with speech therapy, this strengthens their vocal cords, larynx, and jaw muscles to strengthen the swallowing reflex and increase comfort.
  • Strengthen Vocal Cords
    As we get older, our vocal cords become less elastic with age. This weakens the larynx muscles and makes it more difficult to communicate effectively. Speech therapy addresses this through specialized vocal exercises to increase elasticity and strengthen the vocal cords.

Edmacy Home Health Care is your trusted provider of homecare service in Darby, Pennsylvania. From rehabilitative therapies to companionship care, we offer a wide range of home care services to meet your loved one’s needs. Reach out to us to discuss your care options today.

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