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How Older Adults Benefit from Occupational Therapy

how-older-adult-benefit-from-occupational-therapyOccupational therapy utilizes assessments and intervention to help individuals develop, maintain, or regain their ability to perform daily activities. This branch of healthcare is often provided as a homecare service in Darby, Pennsylvania to seniors due to its benefits.

As a home health agency in Pennsylvania, we will discuss how occupational therapy can help older adults:

  • Overcome Daily Challenges

    In addition to receiving help from caregivers in Darby, Pennsylvania, seniors can overcome everyday challenges through occupational therapy. For many older adults, normal activities like preparing meals, walking, and similar can be exhausting tasks. OT can teach rehabilitation techniques to make daily tasks easier.

  • Prevent Falls

    One bad fall can drastically change a senior’s health and quality of life. Occupational therapy address this by improving their balance and strength to keep the body strong and alert for many years to come.

  • Memory Rehabilitation

    OT also offers mental health benefits through memory rehabilitation. This is particularly beneficial for seniors with dementia. OT may include memory-enhancing activities and teaching caregivers strategies to help look after their loved ones.

Edmacy Home Care is a trusted home health agency in Darby, Pennsylvania. To provide comprehensive care, we offer occupational therapy as part of our services. Reach out to us to learn more about rehabilitative therapies.

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