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Home Health Aide to Gracefully Age in Place

Home Health Aide to Gracefully Age in Place

Research shows that the majority of seniors are either living with a spouse or living alone in the comfort of their homes. However, most of them struggle in performing activities of daily living because of the impact of the changes that come with age. Knowing that this is the case, Edmacy Home Health Care provides exemplary homecare service in Pennsylvania to help elderly individuals maintain and even improve their quality of life while choosing to age in place.

With our highly trained and certified caregivers in Darby, Pennsylvania, they can help the elderly with personal tasks such as bathing, dressing, and grooming. They can provide companionship care and can also accompany and assist with errands such as medical appointments, grocery shopping, and family outings.

Home health aides may also assist with light housekeeping tasks such as meal preparation, watering the plants, cleaning up the clutter, sweeping of main walk areas, and doing the laundry. Additionally, under the supervision of the senior’s nurse or doctor, they can provide basic health-related tasks according to the needs of the elderly such as administering prescribed medication at scheduled times and monitoring or checking vital signs.

As a home health agency, we see to it that our home health aides possess top skills and qualities to ensure that the right level of care is provided. They are compassionate, patient, and genuine to every individual they serve and are committed to promoting an improved overall well being for seniors.

To help lessen the burden of performing daily tasks and live comfortably and safely at home, contact our home health agency in Pennsylvania to seek help from our home health aides. Simply call 484-494-6070 or visit for more details.

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