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Dealing With Malnutrition: Meal Preparation Assistance

Dealing With Malnutrition: Meal Preparation Assistance

Research shows that at least one out of three seniors admitted in the hospital are malnourished and that 20% of seniors who live alone show warning signs of poor nutrition. For this reason, it is imperative to give attention to malnutrition as it is one of the major health issues many seniors are dealing with today. As a way to help combat poor nutrition in seniors, our home health agency in Pennsylvania offers meal preparation services for the elderly.

One probable cause why seniors lose appetite is a slow metabolism. There could also be an underlying health condition that makes it difficult for seniors to eat and drink. Furthermore, some of the medicines for seniors cause loss of appetite. The physical inability to move around the kitchen and shop for ingredients can also be a major factor in senior malnutrition. Whatever the reason, our caregivers in Darby, Pennsylvania, will assure you that your loved ones will get the right nutrition in every meal.

Through our dedicated homecare service in Pennsylvania, seniors who wish to age in place can take advantage of meal preparation services. Family members who can’t prepare meals for their elder loved ones can also ask assistance from our compassionate caregivers in Edmacy Home Health Care. To ensure that they achieve optimum health, our caregivers will create healthy, delicious, and appetizing meals while following their dietary restrictions. Importantly, our caregivers will also see to it that seniors eat at the right time and include them in the entire meal planning process, ensuring that they are satisfied and happy with the selection.

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