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Assisting Your Loved Ones with Dementia to Bath


Many elderly with dementia or other cognitive impairments have difficulty taking a bath regularly. As part of their geriatric care, it’s necessary to keep your older adult’s body clean to avoid skin infections, urinary tract infections, and unpleasant body odor.

One of the most challenging aspects of being a family caregiver giving Alzheimer’s care is assisting a loved one with one of these disorders during a bath or shower.

Due to the sensitive nature of these activities, some of them may refuse assistance. Being undressed in front of their caretakers could make them feel awkward. Therefore, how can you convince someone with dementia to take a bath?

  • Set a regular schedule for your seniors.

    It is frequently easier to create a regular daily pattern that involves bathing simultaneously every day, even if your senior does not need to. A daily routine makes it more likely that they will accept a bath without fuss.

  • Make them feel relaxed and comfortable.

    You should provide them as much freedom as possible but be on hand to lend a helping hand if they get stuck; this will build their confidence, too. With our caregivers providing personal care in Pennsylvania, it will be easy for you and your loved ones.

  • Seek respite care if you need more assistance.

    Caring for someone with dementia can be challenging, and asking for professional assistance may be more beneficial than doing everything alone. Our caregivers can always help you when you need extra aid bathing your loved ones.

You can always rely on Edmacy Home Care to provide passionate healthcare professionals and caregivers in Darby, Pennsylvania, that will surely help your loved ones with their care needs.

If you’re interested in our services, contact us for more information!

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