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Just How Important Is It to Take Medications on Time?

Just How Important Is It to Take Medications on Time?

Taking your medications is an essential part of your overall wellbeing especially if you are on long-term medications. However, some individuals may face difficulties in adhering to their prescribed medications. There are many reasons for this difficulty to occur and the common ones are forgetfulness due to aging, bitter-tasting medicines, and having to take more than one medicine a day.

As your partner in quality Homecare Service in Pennsylvania, we encourage you to support your loved ones in their medication adherence. You can rest assured that their doctors prescribe these so they can maintain their wellbeing. Here are some of the ways you can help make sure that your loved ones’ medications improve their life.

  • Encourage your loved ones to take their medicine exactly as the doctor prescribed it to them.
    Be mindful of the scheduling, frequency of intake, and dosage instructions. If you need to create an actual tracker of their medicine intake, do so to ensure that they are taking their meds correctly.
  • Organize your loved one’s medications so that you can monitor these easily.
    You can also let Edmacy Home Care professionals assist you in pill organization. When you know which medicines to take at such a particular hour, you can efficiently track your loved one’s adherence, which contributes to their overall health.
  • Encourage them to take their medications even if their conditions have improved.
    While this is a good sign that the medication is working, this can also mean that stopping it can result in negative health implication.
  • Remind them to take their medicines even when they’re not showing any symptom.
    This is very ideal when your loved ones are under long-term care or are taking medications to help them fight their chronic ailments. Don’t wait for symptoms to occur, as these can already signify that their health is at the complicated stage.
  • Coordinate with a Home Health Agency in Pennsylvania with regards to properly managing and monitoring the medications they are taking.
    Whenever new prescriptions are given, verify with their physicians and pharmacists the correct ways to take these medications.
  • Take note of unwelcome reactions from the food they eat.
    Taking medicines with certain foods and drinks can cause negative reactions in a person’s body. These reactions can affect their overall health. When you have duly noted what these foods are, you can stay away from them so that your loved ones could benefit from these medicines without the dangers of the negative side effects.
  • Identify possible side effects of your loved one’s medications.
    While information on side effects is included on a medicine’s packaging, you can also double check this with the doctor or pharmacist. When it’s not possible to replace the medicine, knowing the side effects can help you prepare on what to do in case allergies occur.

Does your family member have a difficult time complying with his/her medication instructions? Our care team at Edmacy Home Care can help them out. Let us be there to assist them in promoting their quality of life.

If you’re interested in our services, do contact our Home Health Agency right away.

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