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Bell’s Palsy: What Is It and How It Affects the Body


Nobody is certain if they are immune to contracting a disease. However, a person may experience an abrupt onset of chronic illnesses and other medical disorders. One of the abrupt conditions someone can experience is Bell’s Palsy, where the facial nerve becomes partially to completely weak or paralyzed as a result.

The following are some of the signs and symptoms of bell’s palsy:

  • Incapacity to close one’s eyelid.
  • Soreness in the jaw and behind the ear, as well as heightened sensitivity to sound.
  • The amount of saliva and tears generated changes as the patient’s drooling persists.
  • The corner of the mouth frequently droops on the face.
  • A loss in taste or an inability to taste food.

The fact that this condition might deteriorate within 48 hours of onset is one of its drawbacks. This uncontrollable episode of facial paralysis may cause pain and discomfort. Pain management is essential for treating this kind of acute scenario. There will be therapeutic interventions in the course of treatment.

Patients with Bell’s Palsy can gain from the care coordination and recovery support offered by experienced caregivers in Darby, Pennsylvania. Nurses or other caregivers have the skills necessary to give the patient the care they require. Due to their vast training and experience, the patient will be in good hands.

Your loved ones can get the high-quality, convenient medical care they require from Edmacy Home Care. We offer homecare service in Darby, Pennsylvania, that aims to improve the overall health of our clients and their loved ones, no matter what their health needs.

Contact us if you’re seeking a reputable home health agency in Darby, Pennsylvania. Our care strives to satisfy everyone’s wishes and needs in terms of health care.

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