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5 Signs Your Loved One Has Generalized Anxiety Disorder

5 Signs Your Loved One Has Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Always remember that people can have anxiety no matter how old they are and no matter how strong they appear to be. Sometimes, our loved ones could also be going through anxiety attacks and we would not realize it. Senior citizens have a way of hiding what they think and feel, and this is not something healthy for someone to go through it alone.

From our experience in being a Home Health Agency in Darby, Pennsylvania, we would like to share these 5 signs to spot if your loved one has Generalized Anxiety Disorder or GAD:

  1. Too much worry

    They worry about decisions – being very indecisive and confused about what they need to do. They also worry about their children and grandchildren. They will always worry over small things – like if everyone has eaten or if someone is sick. Sometimes, it will stress them out when no one understands why they are being worried.

  2. Worry about love

    They think you do not love them anymore. Senior citizens will take your momentary absence as disinterest to mingle with them, even when you just really needed to do something. They become very sensitive around you. They will notice your change in moods and the way you move around them.

  3. Tendency to overthink

    They will overthink everything – including the things you do for them. Especially when you try to love and care for them, they will see themselves as a burden. They will feel like extra baggage when they find out that you are tired from work or school.

  4. Drowning in self-pity

    They may drown in self-pity sometimes. Senior citizens will think they are not being of much help to anyone. Sometimes, they will think they are being a problem more than any help. Sometimes, these worries lead them to have anxiety attacks.

  5. Pushing you away

    They will try to push you away to mask their thoughts. They tend to always expect the worst of people, of themselves, of any situation they are in. Just like depression, there are triggers that could cause anxiety attacks.

There is no better way to help them overcome anxiety than actually talking to them about it. Show them that it is love that keeps the family together and that in unity, families are happier and stronger than being apart. Assure them of your love and clear their minds of the worries that fill their hearts. It is never easy to have a generalized anxiety disorder but together as a family, nothing is impossible.

Your loved one with GAD can greatly benefit from the presence of a Companionship Aide at Edmacy Home Health Care

Share this post with a family member so you can work together in uplifting your loved one.

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