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The Role of NEMT Services in Senior Care


There may come a time when your senior loved ones may lose mobility because of aging or a health issue.

As an agency providing home health and respite care, they will undoubtedly require care and assistance from a professional, especially at home and when going out for essential appointments.

If mobility becomes an issue for your elderly, it may be challenging for them to move around or travel outside without help. Fortunately, that’s where non-emergency medical transportation or NEMT services come in handy.

Compared to more conventional transportation methods, NEMT offers numerous advantages, and here are some reasons why it’s so favored for older adults:

  • Ensure more safety
    NEMT services are designed with the necessary medical equipment for those with mobility issues, which means they can respond efficiently in emergencies.
  • More convenient than public transportation
    Since NEMT services are tailored to cater to people with mobility problems, you can automatically expect seniors to feel more comfortable with their skilled care and expertise.
  • Can be more affordable than medical transportation
    In many cases, NEMT is more cost-effective than traditional ambulances because you don’t need to pay extra for the additional staff in emergency transportation.

At Edmacy Home Care, not only do we provide seniors with high-quality personal care in Pennsylvania inside their homes, but we also have available NEMT services on weekdays from 9 AM to 5 PM!

We also ensure their safety outside and at home with the help of our home health aides and caregivers in Darby, Pennsylvania! To learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to reach our care team today!

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