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The Benefits of Having a Clean Home for Seniors


Providing geriatric care should focus on the overall health of seniors. The services should address the physical, emotional, social, mental, and psychological needs of the elderly client. The care should also extend to the senior’s living environment. Because we want them to live comfortably, a clean and organized home is a must.

Achieving cleanliness and tidiness in a senior’s home is possible with trusted homemaking services. When a senior is living in a clean and comfortable home, you will see the following benefits or improvements in their life:

  • Keeps away various diseases

    Bacteria and viruses are the causes of different diseases. With the help of our caregivers in Darby, Pennsylvania who provides light housekeeping, there is a lesser chance of bacteria or viruses in the air and surfaces of your home. In effect, cleanliness lowers the risk of certain diseases.

  • Reduces the risk of falls

    Tripping hazards and wet surfaces often cause seniors to fall. Having a tidy home means clearing away these tripping hazards and properly wiping wet surfaces dry. This lessens the struggles seniors experience at home.

  • Improves mental health

    Having a tidy home clears our minds and encourages productivity. When the senior client is feeling motivated and wants to do their daily activities, our personal care in Pennsylvania can assist.

Edmacy Home Care is a provider of holistic home care services that addresses the needs of seniors. Our approach allows us to help seniors live their golden years comfortably and healthily. Our respite care services allow us to help family caregivers in caring for their elderly family members.

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