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Home Modifications to Make Your Home Safe for Seniors

Home Modifications to Make Your Home Safe for Seniors

Most seniors prefer to spend their time and receive their health care at home instead of a sterile hospital room. This is now made possible with homecare service in Darby, Pennsylvania. However, there are various safety hazards for seniors at home, especially if they are wheelchair-bound.

This is why as a home health agency in Pennsylvania, we often recommend home safety modifications for families with senior loved ones. Here are some of the common modifications we implement:

  • Having ramps installed
    A ramp provides greater independence and safety for seniors who are unsteady on their feet or use wheelchairs.
  • Some modifications with the flooring
    Smooth floors may allow for easier wheelchair maneuvering, but they may be more slippery. Adding non-slip flooring helps seniors navigate the home safely and worry-less.
  • Alterations in the kitchen
    Some countertops and cabinetry may be too high for seniors, especially if they are in a wheelchair. The kitchen can be modified to provide easier access from a seated position.
  • Widening the doorways
    This is important when your loved one relies on mobility, such as walkers or wheelchairs. It gives them enough space to walk with their assistive devices without much hassle.
  • Installing modifications in the shower
    Having a walk-in shower or walk-in tub provides for safer entry and exit than a normal bathtub. You can also install less expensive modifications, such as grab bars and safety strips to prevent slips and falls.

Are you looking for caregivers in Darby, Pennsylvania to ensure the safety of your senior loved ones at home? Contact Edmacy Home Care.

We are a home health agency in Darby, Pennsylvania, providing various home health services, such as geriatric care, veteran services, personal care, and more!

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