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Senior Care in Darby, Pennsylvania

Living Alone Doesn’t Have to Be Lonely: Thanks to Companionship!

How many times a week do you get the chance to visit your senior loved ones? As much as you would like to drop by for a conversation, there are times when your current work schedule and bulk of personal appointments just won’t allow you. This leads you to worry about your elderly loved ones, … Continue reading

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6 Reasons Why Elderly Citizens Need Companionship Care

No amount of hair dye or skin care products will reverse the fact that our parents or grandparents are getting older. Considering that both their mind and body are becoming slower and weaker, the people surrounding them must participate and contribute to the betterment of their day to day living. It is ideal for able-bodied … Continue reading

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The Importance of “Rapport” in Caregiving: 5 Critical Points to Ponder

Rapport, despite being a widely used English word, has a French origin. It was originally derived from the word “rapporter” that means “bring back”. But now, the modern meaning of rapport is about the intimate and intact interrelation of individuals within partnerships or group. This concept is highly valued because it often considered as a … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Private Duty Care

Everyone who needs care and assistance would love to experience it at the comfort of their own home. That is the reason why private duty services is a good career/business nowadays. How do we make sure that we have the best match for the type of care that we need? Caring is only considered best … Continue reading

Important Tips to Take Note For Geriatric Care

Geriatric Care is the process of care in making sure that the elderly meet their long-term care needs and ensure that they live life to the fullest. This type of care is same in process with most caregiving approaches but with different steps since the elderly have a different set of physical and mental needs. … Continue reading

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