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Senior Care in Delaware,Chester, Montgomery, Philadelphia, & Bucks Counties.

Why We Encourage Our Seniors to Eat More Greens

In general, vegetables give so many benefits to our body. Each variety offers different kinds of health advantages. However, the leafy greens are different from others. Getting more greens gives a lot, more you would expect. As a home health agency in Pennsylvania, we always incorporate leafy greens in every senior’s plate. Among the services … Continue reading

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The Giver

Home care is always about people. Whether it’s on the giving or the receiving end, people are never out of the equation. Anybody can stay on the right side of the equation – the receiving end. But, not everybody is fit to become the giver. Ask a home health agency in Pennsylvania, and they will … Continue reading

How Older Adults Benefit from Speech Therapy

The ability to communicate effectively is crucial at any age, especially for older adults whose speech may be affected by illness or certain conditions. In addition to the social impact of poor communication, it can also lead to emergencies when a senior is unable to communicate discomfort, pain, or other concerns. As a home health … Continue reading

Passionate Healthcare Professionals and Caregivers

When it comes to the care that our senior loved ones should be receiving, we must think about availing healthcare services from an agency that is trusted by many families and seniors. At Edmacy Home Health Care, we provide the best possible Homecare Service in Darby, Pennsylvania, that is designed to make senior living easier … Continue reading

How to Prevent Skin Infection in the Elderly

As we age, our skin becomes thinner, dryer, and more susceptible to infections. Skin and soft tissue can affect anyone at any age, but seniors are at a higher risk. It is because senior’s skin tends to be rough, dry, thin, and weaker to infections due to existing health conditions. So what can you or … Continue reading

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Healthy Living: The Five Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle

Self-care is every person’s obligation to himself/herself. Nothing else shows a better way of self-love than taking care of one’s self. It is everyone’s basic responsibility. Those who struggle with this can get the help of dedicated caregivers in Darby, Pennsylvania and other local areas. When it comes to self-care, healthy living must be on … Continue reading

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