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Senior Care in Delaware,Chester, Montgomery, Philadelphia, & Bucks Counties.

Home Health Aide to Gracefully Age in Place

Research shows that the majority of seniors are either living with a spouse or living alone in the comfort of their homes. However, most of them struggle in performing activities of daily living because of the impact of the changes that come with age. Knowing that this is the case, Edmacy Home Health Care provides … Continue reading

Disease Intervention for Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s is a disease characterized by the deterioration of the brain and its functions. As of today, the exact cause of Alzheimer’s is unclear. Although homecare service in Pennsylvania is available to provide Alzheimer’s care, it is still best to look for ways to prevent or delay the onset of this disease. It is vital … Continue reading

A Look into the Benefits of Geriatric Care

Old age is a sensitive phase because it entails physical, psychological, mental, and social changes. It is a known fact that health declines with age. As the body wanes, there is a need for more quality elderly care. In line with this, Edmacy Home Health Care provides exceptional care to the elderly through trained and … Continue reading

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Aging in Place: Home Modifications Tips

Some seniors move to an assisted living community to get away from loneliness due to isolation. Others move because of the amenities and assistance they get from nursing homes. Nevertheless, some seniors opt to age in place because of the safety, familiarity, and comfort a home brings. As a provider of homecare service in Pennsylvania, … Continue reading

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Private Duty: Help with Daily Activities

Day to day activities such as meal preparation, housekeeping, and personal grooming can be a daunting task, especially to sick or disabled seniors. While other members of the family can assist with these activities, other responsibilities get in the way like work, business, and family. As a home health agency in Pennsylvania, we will help … Continue reading

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Tribute to Our Beloved Veterans

Among all other things, veterans have made a significant impact on where we are now as a nation. They have put their lives at stake at the same time endured and sacrificed a lot while being away from their families. For the several years of service to the nation, Edmacy Home Health Care proudly provides … Continue reading