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Author Archives: Louise Savoie

Senior Care: How to Manage Multiple Medications

Being a senior may require you to take more than one medicine. Those who don’t have a home health aide to help them may find it hard to remember what medications to take at what time and at what dose. As one of the leading providers of personal care in Pennsylvania, we have helped many … Continue reading

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Senior Nutrition: Limit Starch and Sugar Intake

According to nutritionists, reducing our intake of carbohydrates and sugar might be a significant food choice that will ultimately benefit our health, especially as we age. As one of the area’s leading skilled care providers, we’d also want to point out that high sugar and starch intake can lessen or remove insulin resistance, which is … Continue reading

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Beat Loneliness With the Help of Home Health Aides

Aside from health conditions and mobility issues that can arise as we age, there is also one other thing seniors deal with: loneliness. Loneliness and feelings of isolation are quite common among seniors, especially those who are living alone. These feelings can cause stress, which can lead to mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. … Continue reading

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Bell’s Palsy: What Is It and How It Affects the Body

Nobody is certain if they are immune to contracting a disease. However, a person may experience an abrupt onset of chronic illnesses and other medical disorders. One of the abrupt conditions someone can experience is Bell’s Palsy, where the facial nerve becomes partially to completely weak or paralyzed as a result. The following are some … Continue reading

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The Most Common Causes of Abdominal Pain for Seniors

Abdominal pain can be very uncomfortable if not treated immediately. It can be even more challenging to deal with if it happens to an elderly loved one. How do you know if the cause is poor nutrition versus something more serious? To help you determine the cause of your loved ones’ abdominal pain, allow our … Continue reading

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Healthy Living: The Five Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle

Self-care is every person’s obligation to himself/herself. Nothing else shows a better way of self-love than taking care of one’s self. It is everyone’s basic responsibility. Those who struggle with this can get the help of dedicated caregivers in Darby, Pennsylvania and other local areas. When it comes to self-care, healthy living must be on … Continue reading

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